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What Happens to Your Neck Pain when You Quit Smoking

What Happens to Your Neck Pain when You Quit Smoking

Neck pain is one of the most common pains. Almost all people have ever experienced this pain. Neck pain can be caused by various factors such as accident, bad habits, or others. Even more, your lifestyle may also cause neck pain. For example, smoking can cause neck pain. So, if you are a smoker, you have the higher risk of neck pain. To treat your neck pain caused by smoking, of course you need to stop it. In fact, stop smoking is very effective to treat your neck pain.

How Can Smoking Cause Neck Pain?

Even though it sounds strange, smoking is related so much to neck pain. So, you need to know what happens to your body especially your neck if you smoke every day.

  • Smoking Causes Dehydration on Back and Neck Muscles

A study shows that smoking can cause dehydration on your back as well as neck muscles. If it happens you will have back and neck pain. Usually, it happens to those who are extreme smoker. If you smoke too much, you will have the higher risk of back and neck pain. If the neck pain is in a serious condition, it will be more difficult to relieve.

  • It Damages Back and Neck Bones

Besides that, smoking is also very dangerous for bones. It can damage your bones especially back & neck bones. That is why you will get neck pain if you smoke too often. If your back and neck bones are damaged, you will often get back and neck pain. Therefore, you should be careful if you are an active smoker.

  • It Makes Blood Vessels Tight

If you smoke every day, your blood vessels will be tight gradually. For long term, it will be very dangerous. In fact, the tight blood vessels make the absorption of oxygen in the areas around less. Finally it causes pains including on your back and neck. Anyway, it becomes one of the factors why smoking can cause neck pain.

The Benefits of Quit Smoking for Neck Pain

Smoking is one of the most popular bad lifestyle. It can cause many problems including neck pain. So, you have to be able to stop it. If you can stop smoking, there are many benefits that you will get especially for neck pain.

  • It Improves Neck Blood Circulation

Stop smoking is not easy to do. However, if you can stop smoking, you will get many benefits. One of them is that your blood circulation will be improved. If your blood circulation is improved, it can reduce neck pain. By stopping smoking consistently, you can keep away from neck pain.

  • It Strengthens Neck Muscles

Neck pain usually happens to you whose neck muscles are weak. By quitting smoking, it means you strengthen your neck muscles. So, your neck pain will be reduced effectively. Having strong neck muscles is very useful not only to relieve pain but also improve your health wholly. So, you can strengthen your neck muscles by stopping smoking consistently.

  • It Improves Your Posture

One of the factors of neck pain is poor neck posture. If you are a smoker, you have the higher risk of poor neck posture. So, you have to stop this bad habit. Stop smoking means that you improve your posture including your neck posture. Therefore, if you have neck pain, you should try to improve your posture by quitting smoking.

How to Quit Smoking Safely

Quitting smoking is not easy to do. There are many people who fail to quit smoking when they are really addicted. Some other people get illness after they try to quit smoking. However, smoking must be stopped. Of course, you have to know the tips so that you can quit smoking safely.

  • Reduce Smoking

Quitting smoking does not mean to quit smoking totally at the time. This bad lifestyle cannot be stopped directly. You need some processes to be able to quit smoking totally. If you quit smoking directly, you may get some health problems. So, it will be better that you reduce smoking gradually. It will be safe for your health. By reducing smoking, the risk of neck pain is also reduced.

  • Replaced with Healthier Foods

It is very difficult to quit smoking because you usually spend the day by smoking. To ease you to stop smoking, you can try replacing it with healthier foods. For example, if you usually smoke in your free time, you can consider eating candy to replace smoking. You have to make sure that the candy does not contain too much sugar. It is also recommended for you.

  • Drink Much Water

Stopping smoking means you reduce toxin in your body. However, you have to support it by drinking water more. Drinking water is very effective to neutralize toxin in your body. So, it can optimize the result of stopping smoking. If you stop smoking and drink water more, it can reduce any pain including neck pain.

  • Be More Active

Smokers are usually inactive. They feel tired and lazy. After you quit smoking, you should try to improve your activity so that you can be more active. Being more active will not only be help you to stop smoking but also help you to treat your neck pain. For example, you can do exercises regularly especially related to neck muscles.

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