Saturday, April 16, 2016

Neck Pain Headache: the Main Cause of Tension Headache - It is possible for us to feel shoulder pain when we have neck pain. However, what do you think about headache? Can it be felt at the same time with neck pain? Well, this is also possible by the way. Maybe, tension headache is what we are supposed to use to call neck pain headache. It is true for tension headache is caused by tension in the muscles of the back of the neck and scalp.

What is the Main Cause?

Neck pain headache

Indeed, tension in the muscles is the cause of this headache. However, I am talking about the root of the cause, namely the main here. What do you think would make you have tension on the muscles anyway? Sometimes, tension headache is caused by not having enough sleep, poor posture, fatigue, hunger, and still many more. However, did you realize? Mostly, tension headache cases are triggered by internal stress.

You must have known that people who are stress don’t and can’t even feel relaxed. That is why the muscles become so tense and end up giving you headache. Simply having problems in life like losing job, you can make tension headache to come to you. Sometimes, it can be as simply as you being so worried preparing for test or exam. Even by having no friends to talk to, you can easily feel the stress as well.

There are many things that can make you feel it around you. After all, stress seems to have been a part of our life. Then, wouldn’t you be able to sleep, rest, or eat when you do feel the stress or anxiety? That is why we can say that the main cause of tension headache is the stress itself here. Headache with neck pain sometimes can be unbearable, indeed. Thus, it is best to deal with it as soon as possible.

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