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Types of Steroids for Neck Pain Treatment

Types of Steroids for Neck Pain Treatment

Nowadays, there are many treatments that use steroid. Steroid is a kind of organic compound that has 4 rings which are arranged in a certain configuration. The examples are anti-inflammatory of drug dexamethasone, testosterone, sex hormone estradiol, and dietary lipid cholesterol. Steroid can be used to relieve pains. One of them is neck pain. So, if you have neck pain, it will be a good idea for you to treat it with steroid.

The Benefits of Steroids for Neck pain Treatment

In relation to neck pain treatment, there are many benefits that you can get from steroids. For more detail, you need to pay attention to the following benefits:

  • It Relieves Pain Fast

Steroid is well known to be able to relieve extreme pain. For example, steroids are good for neck pain, back pain, or other pains. There are many doctors who also apply steroids in their prescriptions. The fast reaction becomes a consideration especially when people have extreme pain.

  • It Reduces Fat

People who are overweight have the higher risk of neck pain. Fortunately, steroid can function to reduce fat. So, it does not only treat neck pain but it is also very good for neck pain prevention. By reducing fat, it also improves your health.

  • It Improves Red Blood Cell Production

The next benefit of steroid is to improve red blood production. If your red blood production is increased, the blood flow will also be better. So, it can reduce pain including neck pain. That is why steroid is recommended for you who have neck pain.

  • It Strengthens Muscles

Besides that, steroid is also helpful to strengthen your muscles. If your neck muscles are stronger, it reduces the risk of neck pain. It can also strengthen other muscles so the benefits depend on where you apply it.

How to Apply Steroid for Neck Pain Treatment

There are two ways how to apply steroid. In relation to neck pain treatment, you need to know the following methods:

Oral Steroids for Neck Pain Treatment

The first method in applying steroid for neck pain treatment is by oral. Oral steroid means that you need to take steroid orally. This should be under doctor’s prescription. The benefit of oral prescription is that the steroid can be disgusted well. It also usually costs less expensive. Besides that, it also does not cause pain. There are many options of oral steroid that you may consume. The most popular oral steroids are:

You may need to take oral steroid for a few days. It depends on the doctor’s prescription given to you. So, if you are interested in this method, you need to consult to your doctor first. However, oral steroids also have some risks. The most common oral steroid side effects are:

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Pain on legs or back
  • Infectious inflammation
  • Nerve root damage

Injected Steroid

The second one is injected steroid. Different from oral steroid where you take this medication orally, injected steroid is aimed directly to the pain area. The steroid is injected by the doctor to treat your neck pain. Of course, it gives some benefits including:

  • It Relieves Neck Pain Faster

Compared to oral steroid, injected steroid is much more effective to relieve your neck pain because the steroid is injected into the neck pain area. So, the steroid will work directly. Therefore the neck pain will be relieved faster. That is why there are many people who prefer this method.

  • It Only Needs One Injection

If you consider oral steroid, you may need to take the steroid more than once. However, injected steroid does not require you take another injection because one injected steroid will work effectively. So, your neck pain will be relieved wholly. Of course, it should be done by the doctor.

Side Effects of Steroid for Neck Pain

Even though steroid is very good for neck pain, it does not mean that it will not cause side effect. There are some side effects that you need to be careful. They are:

  • It Affects Brain

Whether you take oral or injected steroid, it affects your brain. If you take steroid especially with high dosage, some problems related to brain may happen. For example, you will have the risk of depression, paranoia, and euphoric tendencies. Loss of sleep, anxiety, and other problems may also happen. So, you have to make sure that you take steroid rightly to minimize the side effect.

  • It Can Cause Eye Damages

Steroid is only for short term use. If you use steroid in long term, it may cause eye damages. Some eye disorders may happen to you. For example, you have the higher risk of cataract. Besides that, glaucoma also becomes one of the examples. Therefore, you are only allowed to use steroid for neck pain in short term.

  • It May Cause Hair Damages

If you consider relieving neck pain using steroid, you have to be careful of your hair because it may cause hair damages. The use if steroid makes your hair weaker. So, you may have the higher risk of hair fall or even baldness.

  • It May Cause Stomach Disorders

Another possible side effect caused by steroid is stomach disorder. For example, some people experience floating after their treat their neck pain using steroid. Anyway, if you use steroid rightly, it is safe for you. So, you should not worry.

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