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Evaluation of Neck Injury Treatment Methods Using Neck Collars

Neck injury is one of the injuries that can cause trauma. It can be caused by different factors. For example, it is caused by sport, accident, or other factors. The condition may also be various. Even more, some people who experience this injury should take surgery to treat their neck injury. However, some other people prefer applying home treatment. To evaluate your neck injury, you can also use neck collar. It is a device that is applied on your neck to support your neck after injury.

Who Should Use Neck Collars?

Neck collars can be used by anyone with any age whether they are babies, kids, teens, adults, or old people. However, neck collars are only used by those who need it.

1. People Who Want to Apply Neck Injury Home Treatment

Neck injury should not always be treated at a hospital. If you do not have much money, neck collar can be a good solution. It will be a perfect idea for you to apply home treatment of neck injury. Of course, you have to use it rightly so that it works well and can help you to treat your neck injury fast.

2. People Who Take Neck Injury Surgery

If your neck injury is in a serious condition, you may need to take surgery. After the surgery is done, the doctor and surgeon usually advise you to use a neck collar. So, you should follow them to make your neck injury recovery faster.

3. People Who Have Neck Injury Trauma

Some people will get trauma if they experience accident or other factors that cause neck injury. So, if you also have neck injury trauma, you should also use a neck collar. There are many people who decide to use this cervical collar until their neck is really in a good condition.

The Benefits of Using Neck Collars

As it is mentioned before, neck collars are for those who experience neck injury. Why should you use this neck collar? There are many reasons why you need it.

1. To Reduce the Pain

If you get neck injury, of course it feels painful. So, the main function of neck collar is to reduce the pain. By using it, your neck will feel more comfortable because your neck is supported by this cervical collar.

2. To Prevent the Worse Condition

If you get neck injury, you should be careful with your neck especially when doing activities. You have to take care of it well. If you do not care of it, your neck injury condition may be worse. So, by using it, it can prevent the worse condition as well as to make the recovery faster.

3. Prevent the Move of Broken Cervical Bones

Usually, people who use a cervical collar experience broken cervical bones. If your cervical bones are broken, you cannot allow the bones to move. That is the function of neck collar. It can hold and prevent your broken cervical bones at the position and does not let it to move. This is very helpful to make the recovery of your neck injury faster.

4. Limit the Neck Movements

During the recovery of your neck injury, you cannot do too many activities that relate to your neck. So, you have to limit your neck movements. By using this neck collar, you can be easier to limit your neck activities. So, you can recover your neck injury more quickly.

How Long Should You Use Neck Collar?

Using neck collar should be done once. So, you cannot put it off before your neck injury is recovered well. You cannot also use it again because it is not recommended except if it is in an emergency condition. The duration of neck collar use is different depending on your neck injury condition. However, if your neck injury is in a serious condition or needs a surgery, you may need to use it for about six weeks. It can be more or less depending on the recovery process, too.

The Procedures of Using Neck Collars

1. Done by a Doctor or a Surgeon or a Specialist

Applying a neck collar should be done by the professional such as a doctor, surgeon, or specialist. You also have to make sure that he or she wears hygienic gloves so that the neck collar is really clean.

2. Apply the Cervical Collar Slowly and Rightly

Applying a cervical collar cannot be done in a hurry. The doctor should be patient and slowly to apply it. He or she should also make sure that the neck collar is applied rightly.

3. Make Sure that It Is Applied Well and Steadily

The doctor should check carefully and make sure that the neck collar is applied on the patient’s neck well and steadily. So, the position will not change even though you do easy activities including during you go to bed for sleeping.

What to Pay Attention

There are some things that you need to pay attention before in using a neck collar for neck injury treatment:

1. The Neck Collar Should Be Applied in Fit

The doctor need to make sure that the neck collar is applied not too tight and not too loose. So, it can work well and the recovery will be faster.

2. Adjust the Size of Cervical Collar to the Patient’s Neck

Cervical collar comes in various sizes including S to XL. Therefore, the size should be appropriate for your neck size so that it can be applied well.

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