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Best Travel Neck Pillows for Long Flight

When you go travelling for long flight, you may feel bored. Even more, you also feel tired because you have to sit for long hours. Sometimes, your back and neck feel painful. Of course, you have to prevent it. To prevent it, you can use a neck pillow. It functions to hold and support your neck during you sit on the flight. Today, there are many options available in the market. So, you have to choose it carefully to get the best one for you.

Neck Pillow for Long Travel Buying Guides

1. Choose the Soft Materials

Neck pillow comes with different materials. So, you have to choose it wisely. You have to make sure that the materials used are soft so that it will be comfortable for you. Then, you can use it comfortably even though you flight for long hours.

2. Decide the Appropriate Size

Different neck pillows also have different sizes. You may choose the size based on your desire. However, you have to make sure that the size is ideal for your neck. You also cannot buy a neck pillow that is too big. Smaller neck pillow will be better because you can bring it more easily.

3. Prioritize the High Elasticity

When you buy a neck pillow, you have to prioritize a neck pillow that has high elasticity. With high elasticity, your neck can rest on it comfortably. Besides that, it also keeps the neck pillow more durable.

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The Most Recommended Travel Neck Pillow for Long Flight

After you pay attention to the tips above, now you need to find the best flight pillow for you. To ease you to find it, you can compare the following options and choose the most appropriate one for you.

1. Cushtie Pillow

This is the first option for you. This flight neck pillow is very comfortable. It does not only support the neck but also the lower back. Even more, it can be formed to be different shapes. You can mold it freely until you find the best position that is most comfortable for you. The size is big enough so that it is appropriate for you with spacious luggage.

2. Samsonite Inflatable Travel Pillow

You can also consider this flight pillow. It belongs to the most recommended options because of the comfort. It is able to support your neck not only for the back but also for the sides. Even more, your upper shoulder can also be supported. So, it is really comfortable. In addition, this neck pillow is made from pleasant material that adds the comfort for long flight.

3. Travelrest – The ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow

It will also be a good idea for you to buy this pillow. It is very good for you who have a long flight. Even though the price is high enough, you will be satisfied buying this because it offers great benefits. You can attach it to your seatbelt or chair so that it will not be out of place. It can also support different parts of upper body depending on your position.

4. Go Kids Luxury Travel Pillow

If you go travelling for long flight with your kids, this flight neck pillow can be a very good choice. It looks funny and chic. For the comfort, it feels squishy and soft so that it is really comfortable. It will be able to support your kids’ head and does not cause strain. The affordable price also makes it more attractive. Anyway, it becomes a good idea for family holiday.

5. Departure Micro Bead Travel Neck Pillow

This flight neck pillow is very comfortable if you have a long flight. Even more, some people also use it when they travel by car. The perfect shape makes it very comfortable for sleeping or just sitting. Considering the price, it is very cheap. Therefore, if you are looking for a flight night pillow, you can prioritize this option.

6. Inflatable Novelty Boob Pillow

If you are looking for the best flight neck pillow with affordable price, this can be a good choice. It is very cheap because it is made of hard plastic. However, it is still comfortable for long flight. By using this flight neck pillow, you can do many activities during the flight such as make jokes, or just talking with others.

7. New Innovations Total Pillow

This flight neck pillow is considered as one of the most comfortable ideas. Comes with a doughnut shape, it feels really soft. It is also very beneficial because this pillow can be used for back supporter, head rest, or seat cushion. If you use it for long flight, it will be best for back supporter or head rest. By using it, it prevents neck or back pain even though your flight is for long hours.

8. TRTL Sleepscraft

It will also be a good decision for you to use this pillow if you are in a long flight. It does not only support your neck and back but also give you warmness because it provides scarf. So, it will be good to be used for night flight or winter when the weather is cold.

9. Embrace Sleep Collar Travel Pillow

Another best option for you is Embrace Sleep Collar Travel Pillow. Comes with foam material, it feels soft. This neck pillow is very good for you who want to go in long flight. Designed with collar for your neck, it is very perfect for traveler.

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