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Deep Breathing Exercise Benefits for Neck Pain

Deep breathing is one of the most interesting exercises. Some people say that it belongs to yoga. Deep breathing has many benefits. It relates to your health. Even more, deep breathing will also be useful for some pains such as neck pain. There are many people who have proven that deep breathing exercise is very beneficial for you those who have neck pain. So, if you have neck pain, you can consider applying this treatment.

Deep Breathing Exercise Benefits for Neck Pain

Why Should You Do Deep Breathing Exercise?

There are many reasons why deep breathing is very good for your neck pain. It has many benefits that can be explained below:

It Relieves Pain

One study says that one of the benefits of deep breathing is to relieve pain. Of course, it also happens to neck pain. If you have neck pain, you can try to breathe deeply and your neck pain will be reduced. Even though it cannot relieve your neck pain totally at the time, it is very useful even if your neck pain is very painful.

It Improves Blood Circulation

Besides that, deep breathing can also increase your blood circulation. As we know that if your blood circulation is improved, pain can be relieved including neck pain. So, you need to try to breathe deeply regularly especially if you have neck pain.

It strengthens & Tones Muscles

By breathing deeply, you stretch your muscles including your neck muscles. If do it for a few minutes, it also functions to strengthen as well as tone your muscles. This is also useful to relieve your neck pain effectively. Of course, it can also prevent neck pain.

It Improves Posture

One of the greatest benefits of deep breathing is that it can improve posture. By breathing deeply, your posture will be better. So, it can relieve many pains related to bones and muscles including neck pain. You can improve your neck posture by breathing deeply. Therefore, your neck pain can be relieved with this technique.

It Controls Weight

Neck pain often happens to people who are overweight. If you are overweight and you cannot control your weight, neck pain may come easily. Fortunately, you can control your weight by breathing deeply. This exercise will be effective to reduce your neck pain because it controls your weight.

When Should You Do Deep Breathing Exercise?

Deep breathing can be done anytime. If you have neck pain, you can start breathing deeply and slowly for a few times or minutes. You have to make sure that you breathe rightly so that it is effective to reduce your neck pain. You can also do it when you do exercises for neck pain. So, they will be a great combination. Anyway, there is no rule when to do this neck pain treatment technique.

How to Do Deep Breathing Exercise

We take breathes every day so that you should not be unfamiliar to breathing. However, deep breathing is different from the usual breathing and it should be done rightly.

Decide Your Position

The first step is to decide the position. Some people do it by standing. However, some other people prefer doing it by sitting. Even more, you can also do deep breathing exercise by lying on the floor. You can choose your position depending on your desire. Anyway, all of the positions above are effective for neck pain.

Take Deep Breathe Slowly

Deep breathe means that you need to take breathe deeply and slowly. You cannot take breath quickly because it will not be beneficial for your neck pain. You have to take as well as loose breath slowly. So, you may need a few minutes to do this exercise for some repetitions.

Hold Your Breath for a While

To make your deep breathing exercise perfectly work, you need to hold your breath for a while before you lose your breath. Do this for every breath and it will reduce your neck pain. If you do it rightly, this is very effective to stop neck pain. So, you have to follow this.

Consider Percussive Breathing

You can also consider percussive breathing to treat your neck pain. Percussive breathing has many types such as single breath, double breath, and triple breath. You need to know and try those variations of deep breathing for neck pain relief.

Tips of Deep Breathing for Neck Pain

When you breathe deeply to treat your neck pain, you have to make sure that you take and lose your breath fully. It makes your deep breathing effective to reduce neck pain. Besides that, you should also keep your posture. Even though you lose your muscle during breathing deep, your posture especially upper body including your neck should be on the right position. So, it can help you to lower your neck pain effectively.

Caution of Deep Breathing for Neck Pain

Anyone who has neck pain may try deep breathing for to treat his or her neck pain. However, people who have asthma are not allowed to do this. It can cause your asthma worse. So, you have to make sure that you do not have asthma or other problems related to respiration.

That is all the review about deep breathing exercise that is very useful for neck pain. Hopefully this will be a good reference for anyone who has neck pain. It can also be good for you to prevent neck pain if you do it regularly.

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